allyson baird


Name: Allyson Baird

Instagram: @akappers

Instructing at Harness since: 2016 

Studio: downtown

Class times: 6a Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Spotify playlist: listen here

Allyson’s favorite thing about Harness is the warm welcome every single time you walk through the doors; this warmth extends into the studio where you are surrounded by a pack that wants to grow and support each other to create an experience that moves you physically and mentally. Allyson is inspired by her 3-year-old, Violet, for her sense of wonder and creative imagination, which she credits for keeping her grounded amidst the chaos of life.

Allyson’s advice to new riders comes from this same lens: everything outside of the room can wait - you have 45 minutes without a clock to enjoy the present, feel the beat, and feel empowered to pull what you need from the moment to carry you throughout the rest of your day.