tips for a more eco-friendly grocery trip


at this point in our no-plastic pledge, you're probably starting to realize just how much plastic is a part of our everyday lives, and the grocery store can be one of the most daunting places when it comes to avoiding packaging and single-use plastics.

we have a few tried and true tricks to ease your mind that are simpler than you might think.

  • bring your own produce bags - or let those fruits and veggies hang loose!

  • bring your own totes - no need to make a fashion statement or break your budget - any reusable bag you can find kicking around your house will work!

  • shop the perimeter of the store - cutting down on shopping the middle aisles of the grocery store is a great way to reduce the amount of packaging you purchase, save a few staples.

  • buy in bulk - the bulk section of the grocery store has everything you need from grains, to dried fruit, to olive oils, spices and coffee. bring your own (clean) jars to fill up to reduce the need for any packaging! simply weigh them empty and mark the weight on the label first, so the cashier can deduct from the total (local to CLE area are lucky's market, whole foods, and giant eagle market district)

as of january 1, 2020, cuyahoga county's ban on single-use plastic bags will go into effect, which mainly applies to those used to bag groceries. read more about the council's decision

produce bags.jpg