top 5 household items to replace


when we think of how to go plastic-free in our lives, what comes to mind first is probably a reusable cup for that daily coffee or a reusable water bottle; but as we step back and begin to pay attention to all the other ways plastic is pervasive in our lives and realize the extent of it, it can be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

we're here to help - we've put together a list of alternatives to the plastic or other single-use items that are most likely staples in your household. the key is to identify the simple changes you can start making today that work for your lifestyle and budget. start small and see where it takes you!

  • reusable food wrap - ditch the ziploc bags and opt for alternatives such as beeswax wrap or linen/cotton bowl covers. traditional glass tupperware does the trick, too, and lasts forever!

  • hand soap - choose bar soap instead of single-use soap dispensers

  • laundry detergent - opt for biodegradable pods that are not packaged in plastic. dropps is a great example of a company that sends your pods loose in a small, recyclable cardboard box, avoiding the use of plastic completely

  • pet waste bags - choose brands that are biodegradable, so your pet's waste doesn't contribute to our planet's growing waste

  • paper towels - although these are not plastic, they are a huge contributor to waste, creating about 254 million tons of trash globally every year. purchasing bulk cloths to keep in your kitchen is a small, one-time investment with a large impact. simply toss in the laundry and continue using! no fanciness required

    for a complete list of our recommended reusable items, visit our amazon page