recycling in cuyahoga county


it's safe to say that we've all had that moment of wondering if something is recyclable and toss it into the recycling bin in hopes that it will be. in reality, there isn't anyone hand-sorting our batches of items to separate out the waste from the recyclables; instead, the entire batch of items with just one non-recyclable product is deemed "contaminated" and sent to landfill.

recyclable items

  • cans (all metal food + beverage cans)

  • cartons (with cap on - caps are too small to be recycled separately)

  • plastic bottles + jugs (shampoo, laundry detergent, soda)

  • glass bottles + jars

  • cardboard and paper (printer paper, junk mail)

items that cannot be recycled

  • plastic cups, lids + utensils

  • to-go coffee cups

  • styrofoam + take-out containers

  • durable plastic (clothing hangers)

  • plastic bags

rules + tips

  • items must be emptied + rinsed

  • keep your recyclables loose - not in bags!

  • plastic bags, even the blue recycling bags, get tangled in the processing equipment and pose a hazard. you can take your plastic shopping bags to giant eagle, lowe's, marc's, target, or walmart to be recycled

  • those to-go coffee cups have to go straight into the trash - we know, we were shocked, too. paper cups have a thin layer of plastic coating sprayed on the inside - this prevents condensation, but also prevents them from being able to be broken down and recycled

for more information or questions about specific items, visit the county's website 
don't live in cuyahoga county? search for your city's guidelines here