top 5 plastic-free tips for on-the-go


life is busy. we've found that it's easy to forget your reusable items when we're rushing out the door, traveling, or have an impromptu coffee or lunch date.

try carving out a few extra minutes before hitting the hay or first thing in the morning to pack your bag with your reusable items, even if you don't have a plan for using them - that tends to be when we end up needing them the most!

  • invest in a reusable tumbler + water bottle - if 2 million people choose to reuse their cup just once a week, it would save 104 million cups a year from landfill. a great example of how one small change can really add up and have an incredibly positive impact!

  • skip the straw - most plastic straws end up in or around our oceans and waterways. since they are not biodegradable, they simply break down into small pieces and pose a significant threat to the survival of many wildlife and marine life species. a metal straw is a great alternative to keep in your bag!

  • bring your own utensils - is BYOU a thing yet? this travel set is perfect for storing in your bag to have on hand for a day at work or when traveling

  • pack your lunch in reusable containers - whether it's a snack, sandwich, or full-blown meal, opt for tupperware, stasher bags, or any other reusable containers

  • pick up trash - this one applies to all items, not just plastic! next time you head out the door to walk your dog or go to a local park, think about bringing a bag with you to pick up litter. this may not get to the root of the problem, but it keeps the outdoors beautiful and reduces the likelihood of those items ending up in our rivers. be sure to dispose of the collected items correctly! this effort is only as effective as how you handle getting rid of the litter - by separating out the recyclables from the trash, you're making a big difference

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