sustainable fashion: brands who recycle + reward you for it

denim 1.jpg

did you know old clothes thrown into landfills can take up to 200 years to decompose? and the textile waste in the U.S. is still growing.

we're beginning to see more brands pop up in the marketplace with an environmental impact woven into their business plan. the best part? consumers reap the rewards

  • madewell: blue jeans go green - bring an old pair of madewell denim into any of their stores, they donate to organizations like habitat for humanity to be turned into housing insulation, and you get $20 toward your next pair.

  • girlfriend collective: recycled fabrics - this athleisure company designed their fabric to be recycled from the beginning: send back your old girlfriend collective compressive pieces and they repurpose the fabric to create brand new pieces for their collection. plus, you get $15 toward your next purchase.

  • patagonia: worn wear program - bring your used (fully-functioning) patagonia clothing into their stores or mail back to them to trade in for credit toward a new purchase. these items are re-sold on their worn wear website at a discounted price

  • h&m - their goal is to use 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2030. their efforts began in 2013 with a garment collecting initiative that still exists today: bring in any used clothing to their stores to donate, they decide if it can be sold as second-hand clothing, turned into other products, or turned into other textiles, and you get 15% off your purchase

  • the north face - all of their retail locations accept any clothing donations, which they send to Soles4Souls, a nashville-based nonprofit that creates sustainable jobs and provides disaster relief through clothing + footwear donations. did you know the north face also has an online store for refurbished north face garments?