julie hudec


Name: Julie Hudec

Instagram: @juliehudec

Instructing at Harness since: 2017

Studio: Hingetown

Class times: Saturday

Spotify playlist: listen here

Julie’s favorite thing about Harness is being able to spend 45 minutes in a room full of people and energy that create relationships and a sense of community, week after week. She loves a good mashup (think: Taylor Swift + Lil Wayne), country remixes, and the great Whitney Houston, of course. Her advice to new riders is to be yourself - don’t worry about the fact that you’re a new face, do whatever you can in class, and when in doubt, the saddle is always your friend!

Outside the studio, Julie is a high school dean of students and varsity women’s lacrosse coach. You can also find her frequenting Cleveland sporting events, trying new restaurants and bars, and discovering all CLE has to offer!