katie spies


Name: Katie Spies

Instagram: @katiespies

Instructing at Harness since: 2015

Studio: Hingetown

Spotify playlist: listen here

Katie, most well-known by her last name, continues calling Harness home because of the smiles, the sweat, the support, and the achievements celebrated with each and every rider that comes through the door. Spies considers it a privilege to be able to learn more about each person off the bike before and after class. She finds motivation to be the best version of herself from these connections with her riders, but also from her high school students. Spies teaches english at a drop-out prevention high school where each day is an adventure witnessing adversity and resilience, hammering home the idea that despite everyone not starting out with the same privileges and opportunities, that doesn’t mean you give up.

You can feel this belief shine through in her class, and you also might find yourself dancing and singing on the bike to her beautifully unpredictable playlist of almost every genre you can imagine.

Spies wants all new riders to know that perfection has never been the goal; strength, self-love, pride, and feeling empowered is the real endgame.