logan cawley


Name: Logan Cawley

Instagram: @logancawley

Instructing at Harness since: 2018

Studio: Hingetown

In Logan’s classes you are guaranteed to hear a set of EDM tunes that he likes to say are “beat thumpin’, fist bumpin’, and pedal stompin’”. Logan credits his parents as being incredible role models who demonstrate how to lead a happy, selfless, and meaningful life, which undoubtedly is where he gets his upbeat attitude from.

When Logan isn’t teaching class, you can still find him on a bike outside buzzing all around CLE, enjoying tacos at Barrio, beers at Platform, or caught up in anything related to Penn State.

Logan wants all first-time riders to know that the entire experience is challenge by choice, so make it your own as you work towards that challenge as you continue riding, and most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!