maggie ruper


Name: Maggie Ruper

Instagram: @maggieruper

Instructing at Harness since: 2017

Studio: Hingetown + Downtown

Maggie is our one and only full-time instructor, splitting her time between both our downtown and hingetown studios. What she loves most about the Harness community is that we create together: we lift each other up, grow, expand, learn, and feel. There’s nothing we can’t move through, and Maggie embodies this message with her unwavering energy in each and every class in her (very full) schedule.

Maggie admires everyone who perseveres with honesty, integrity, vulnerability and love, all of which help fill the studio with a palpable energy. Her message to new riders is to release, have fun, and lean in to the experience.

Outside of the studios, you can find her letting down her signature power bun and enjoying food + a glass of wine at local CLE restaurants.