house rules

be on time

upon arrival at the front desk, sign-in on the clipboard next to your reserved bike. bikes unclaimed 4 minutes prior to class will be released. no late entry into the studio 5 minutes after class begins.

cancellation policy

reservations must be cancelled by 5:OOpm the evening before online or by calling the studio to retain class credit.

text + chat

absolutely no mobile devices permitted in the studio. if you are on call, leave your device with the studio coordinator and they’ll get you in the event of an emergency.

lights off

we intentionally ride in a dark room to reduce distractions and tap into the music. turn off all alerts, notifications and light settings if you are wearing an electronic device.

cross talk

talking during class is a distraction, please hold conversation until you are back in the front of house after your ride.

the pack

we ride to the beat, as a pack. if you prefer to do your own thing, please choose a bike in the back. front row riders set the energy for the entire room.

we clip in

clipping in provides a safe and stable ride, allowing our riders to effectively target muscle groups. shoe rentals are available at the front desk.


all bikes contain weights for the arm portion of the ride. feel free to size up, down or eliminate. all weights should be returned after ride.


bags, shoes, and personal belongings are not permitted in the studio room. these items should be stored in the locker area. all items left in the front of house will be stored above the lockers.

don't leave early

leaving before stretching and cool down interrupts class. plan to leave yourself enough time, but if you have no choice, leave the room quietly.