sarah filipic


Name: Sarah Filipic

Instagram: @sareymaru

Instructing at Harness since: 2016

Studio: Hingetown

Class times: 6:30a Tuesday/Thursday + 5:30a Friday

Spotify playlist: listen here

Sarah loves that Harness has become a north star for both native Clevelanders and newcomers and emphasizes that the reach of the ride extends far past the physical movement. Sarah’s grandma Lynne taught her from a young age that everyone is always welcome at the table and to quietly hold the helm steady when the waters get rough, notions that inform her welcoming demeanor as an instructor. Her advice to new riders is to just show up, with whatever you have and wherever you are; you don’t need to be at a certain fitness level or have the perfect workout outfit. Just let it be you on the bike with the beat and start there.

Outside of class you’ll see Sarah walking (and running the bridges) with her dog, Stevie, exploring the metroparks, and early morning cross-training at local studios.