stacy cavagnaro


Name: Stacy Cavagnaro

Instagram: @stacy_cavagnaro

Instructing at Harness since: 2018

Studio: Hingetown

Spotify playlist: listen here

Stacy is a natural early riser teaching at our hingetown studio weekday mornings. You can catch her with a rising star iced coffee in hand after class, and on a good day, a Cleveland Bagel, too. Stacy creates her playlists based on the core question, “would I have fun riding to this?”. She answers yes to most remixes, mashups, throwbacks, and rap - anything that gives you the extra push you might need.

Stacy’s favorite thing about Harness is the connection created in the dark, candlelit studio that makes it possible to work through feelings of doubt, insecurity, and vulnerability together. She takes a page from Luna Lovegood’s book, her favorite Harry Potter character, remaining true to herself, never wavering from what she believes in, and is reminded that it’s okay to believe in the unbelievable.

Another important reminder that Stacy wants new riders to hear is that every single person in the room started where you are right now - take it at your own pace and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

When Stacy isn’t teaching or working in her position as a registered dietician specializing in intestinal transplantation, she’s spending time outside kayaking, paddleboarding, running, and finding dogs to pet.