do you offer gift cards?

yes. to purchase a single ride, package or gift card, visit the pricing page.

can I buy a class and then give it as a gift?

no, you cannot sell or transfer a class but you can purchase a gift card.

how is harness cycle different from the cycling classes offered at my gym?

harness offers all cyclists—whether learning to clip in for the first time or riding five days a week—a chance to move for 45 minutes to heart-pounding dance music in a sanctuary setting with candlelight. there’s no competition—just you and a bike. .

what if I can’t do everything in the class?

the beauty of indoor cycling is you are in control. you can adjust the bike settings to suit your level and choose the pace that's right for you—have fun and enjoy the ride.

can I ride if I’m pregnant?

as with anything, it depends on the person. we have many pregnant women who ride up until their due date. we recommend always consulting your doctor prior to riding.

do cycling shoes really make a difference? if so, what type should I get?

clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride. it allows our riders to target the correct muscle groups. rentals are available at the front desk or speak to a studio coordinator about purchasing.

i’m a first-time rider. is there anything I should know?

everything you need to know can be accessed in our first-time rider guide. we provide step-by-step details of what you can expect from booking through cool down.

do you have locker rooms?

our studios offer fully-equipped changing rooms with showers and lockers to store your belongings.

what is the structure of a class?

classes are 45 minutes. we ride to the beat of instructor-curated playlists. most rides begin with warm up, transition into hills/sprints and arms, and end with cool down and stretching.

how do I book a class?

classes for the upcoming week are available for booking on Mondays at 12:00pm. riders have the option to buy a single class package or a series. begin by creating an account, purchase desired package, and use credits to pick your location and book your bike. you have the option of riding downtown or hingetown.

what if I’m put on a waitlist?

when a class is full, riders can choose to be added to the waitlist. if a spot opens up, you will receive an email confirming your reserved bike.

do you have water or should I bring my own?

we have fountains and filling stations. we also sell bottled water.

where do I park?

both studios offer street parking. the downtown studio is conveniently located near a covered parking garage.

do you sell merchandise?

we offer a line of bras, leggings, tanks, tees, sweatshirts and accessories at both locations.